Forestry Products

Plum Creek’s working forests provide premium logs, sawlogs, pulpwood and biomass.


Plum Creek’s working forests produce Douglas fir, hemlock, pine, spruce and cedar timber.  We serve a broad customer base in domestic and export markets. Our company produces premium logs for our Montana manufacturing facilities as well as pulpwood to supply third-party mills.

Northern Hardwood

This region supplies prime hardwoods and softwoods to domestic and Canadian sawmills, pulp mills and chip mills. The Northern Hardwood region also produces top-quality veneer logs for the makers of furniture and fine wood products in countries around the world.

Southern Regions

From our Southern regions, a vast and highly productive yield of hardwood and softwood saw logs, pulpwood and biomass is produced. Widespread manufacturing facilities purchase these Plum Creek logs to make a variety of products, including softwood lumber and hardwood lumber, plywood and oriented strandboard, pulp and paper, pellets and fuel chips.

Macro cross section of a cut log