Plum Creek in Montana



  • 888,000


Much of our land in Montana is open to the public for free recreational use.

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  •  Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
  •  Western larch (Larix occidentalis)
  • Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa)
  • Lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta)
  • Grand fir (Abies grandis)
  • Engelmann spruce (Picea engelmannii)


Acres committed to conservation:

  • 613,800

Conservation Transactions:

  • Expansion of Clearwater Game Range
  • Blackfoot River
  • Public Park at Lake Mary Ronan
  • Grizzly Bear Linkage Zones in Swan Valley
  • Blackfoot Valley
  • Montana Legacy Project
  • Thompson River Conservation Easement
  • Fisher River Conservation Easement
  • Swan River Conservation Easement
  • Crown of the Continent Consolidation

More about Plum Creek in Montana

Plum Creek is an important part of Montana’s economy, especially in the western part of the state where the company is a major employer and the largest private timberlands owner. We operate our wood products manufacturing facilities, own and manage our timberlands and engage in real estate activities in the state.

Offices & Staff

Plum Creek's main Montana office is located in Columbia Falls.

In addition to employing approximately 765 Montanans to work in forestry, manufacturing, real estate and land sales, our company keeps a significant number of contractors and vendors busy.

We are proud of our Montana team, which boasts experts in business, manufacturing, forestry, land use and wildlife and environmental conservation. Our company's Montana leadership includes:

Sustainable Forestry

We work in partnership with local and state governments to ensure we meet or exceed all forestry rules, regulations and environmental laws.

Our company was the first in the nation to have our timberlands third-party certified to meet the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Standard. 

Land and Manufacturing Operations

While timber is our core business, we operate Montana manufacturing facilities that produce lumber, plywood and Medium Density Fiberboard. These products are sold to construction, retail, industrial and other specialty markets. In addition, our rural land sales and development experts work with people who wish to own recreational property.

Commitment to Conservation and The Environment

Since 1989 Plum Creek has committed more than 613,000 acres of our Montana property to conservation through land sales, easements, and land exchanges. This commitment includes the 310,000-acre Montana Legacy Project, one of the largest private conservation land sales in U.S. history. Our latest conservation transaction in Montana protects an additional 117,000 acres in the Blackfoot Valley in a ecologically important area known as the Crown of the Continent.

Plum Creek has also entered into Habitat Conservation Plans with federal conservation agencies to protect habitat of a number of wildlife species and native fish found in Maine. For example, we work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to improve fish habitat and fish migration with erosion control, riparian protection and construction of fish-friendly culverts under roads.

Examples of these programs include:


Plum Creek’s real estate experts work with people who wish to own their own private recreational property in Montana. We also welcome the public to our lands. Nearly all of our 888,000 acres of land in Montana are currently open to the public year-round for hunting, fishing and recreation without charge. Also, all roads on our lands are open to the public, though some roads may be gated to vehicular traffic on a seasonal or permanent basis.

A Community Partner

The Plum Creek Foundation provides financial support to Montana organizations to help to meet basic needs and improve quality of life in the communities in which we do business. The Foundation supports a range of non-profit and community groups that are making a difference to people in Montana. In 2014, Plum Creek gave $205,000 in financial support to community organizations and $15,000 to scholarship recipients.

Grants are accepted and awarded on a quarterly basis. 

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