Plum Creek in Florida



  • 415,000


Hunting and recreation land may be available for leasing.

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  • Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda)
  • Slash pine (Pinus elliotti)
  • "Other" pine (Pinus spp.)
  • White oak (Quercus alba)
  • Red oak (Quercus spp.)
  • Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua)


Acres committed to conservation:

  • 98,600

Conservation Transactions:

  • Phifer Flatwoods (Gainesville-Hawthorn Rail Trail)
  • City of Hawthorne/Putnam Land Conservancy Partnership

More about Plum Creek in Florida

Plum Creek began doing business in Florida in 2001 when we purchased the timberland holdings of Georgia-Pacific  (The Timber Company). Four years later, our presence in the state expanded with the purchase of another 56,000 acres of Northwest Florida land from Soterra LLC. Timber is, and will remain, our primary line of business, and we are proud to be a significant part of the forest products industry that contributes more than $16 billion to the Florida economy each year.

Offices & Staff

Plum Creek's main Florida office is located in Gainesville, Florida. The mailing address is P.O. Box 357700, Gainesville, FL 32635-7700.

Plum Creek's Florida team has a wealth of experience in forest management, wood fiber merchandising, land management and planning, and we are national leaders in environmental stewardship and wildlife habitat conservation. The company also works with dozens of small business contractors and serves more than 50 mills and other facilities. The company's Florida leadership includes:

Todd Powell, General Manager, Real Estate

Tim Jackson, Director, Real Estate

Greg Galpin, Senior Manager, Planning

Rosemary Fagler, Manager, Community Relations

Allison Megrath, Manager, Real Estate

Brett Matuszak, Resource Supervisor

Kelly Robinson, Senior Resource Manager

John Sabine, Resource Supervisor

Sustainable Forestry

We work in partnership with local and state governments to ensure we meet or exceed all forestry rules, regulations and environmental laws.

Our company was the first in the nation to have our timberlands third-party certified to meet the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Standard. 

Commitment to Conservation

In addition to conserving our own lands, we help to convey some of our lands into public conservation lands. Conservation sales, easements and land exchanges are among the tools we use to help communities meet the demands of growing populations and preserve open lands for future generations. Examples include:

  •  In 2011, Plum Creek worked with the Putnam Land Conservancy and the City of Hawthorne to protect sensitive wetlands and create a park and educational center near the city.
  • In Marion County, a Transfer of Development Rights agreement protected nearly 2,000 acres, at no cost to taxpayers, while directing development toward areas more appropriate for growth. Learn about our Developments.
  • In the Gulf Hammock Forest in Levy County, we teamed with renowned scientists from the Avian Research Conservation Institute to study the nesting and migration patterns of the Swallow-tailed Kite.  Learn more about Habitat Conservation Plans.
  • The gopher tortoise relocation site on our Lochloosa Conservation Easement in Alachua County, established in collaboration with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, was the first to be certified under the standards of the new Gopher Tortoise Species Management Plan.

Learn more about Plum Creek Conservation efforts.

Our commitment to Florida's wildlife also is evident in our partnerships with the University of Florida, Partners in Flight, the State of Florida (Water Management Districts, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Department of Environmental Protection), local governments and environmental and conservation groups.

We also regularly work with water management districts, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, The Nature Conservancy and others to conserve land for visual, historic and recreational value or wildlife habitat.


In partnership with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, our company makes land available for recreational uses in our Wildlife Management Areas of Gulf Hammock, Relay Wildlife Management, Fort McCoy and Grove Park. Approximately 11 percent of the company's Florida acreage is in wildlife leases to the state of Florida.

In addition, our company leases land to hunting clubs through its Recreational Lease Management Program, providing hunters the opportunity to access areas abundant with wildlife. We actively participate with the clubs in wildlife management practices.

A Community Partner

Community is important to us. Our people live in the communities where they work and we are committed to enhancing the lives of the neighbors where we steward our lands.

Every year, the Plum Creek Foundation provides grants to local government agencies and community organizations that seek to provide basic needs and improve the lives of the residents of Florida. Grants are accepted and awarded on a quarterly basis.

In 2014, the Plum Creek Foundation provided nearly $256,000 in grants to Florida organizations that improve the quality of life in communities where we operate. We also awarded $12,000 in scholarships to deserving students for college.


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